About the Artist


My name is Susanna, creator of Whimsical Creations Face and Body Painting.  I have always loved all types of art.  Drawing lead to painting... pictures, and people... then store windows and murals... and finally to what I believe is my true love face/body painting. 

Children have more imagination than you can fathom.  What I love about what I do is having the chance to take what is in their imaginations and bring it to life.  Who doesn't want to become the characters that we read about in books, or dream of being from our favorite movies?

Given the chance I think most of us would return to childhood... I know I would... there wasn't anything you couldn't do or be.  Watching children play reminds me of that spark of whimsy that I've lost in my everyday life as a "grown up".  Face painting is just one way that I let not only myself but anyone else who wants to ....indulge in playing kid again. 




 Abstract, textural, realistic, logos, promotions and adult parties too!

Myself pictured with one of my abundant blessings, my daughter Rosemarie.  You will see she's my favorite model and gracefully lets me paint her gorgeous face to create fun and whimsy to share with everyone.  So thankful to her as well as the handsome man in my life my young son Gregory who now too, along with my daughter can be found painting out of my kit imagination running wild.  I am blessed to be a blessing!  I am honored you are considering me to come paint for your your event and I look forward to blessing you with the artsy gifts God has blessed me with.

I also love to do Body Art! 


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