Whimsical Creations Face and Body Painting

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Above all- Please choose a painter who uses safe sanitation practices and who uses the appropriate safe paints for skin and body. Any quality Face painter will tell you this is of the utmost importance.
You should know that I use FDA approved products, which are specifically designed for face and body painting. They are professional water based make-up for face painting, Non-Toxic and FDA approved. If you do not host me for your event please do not use someone who doesn't use the proper paint. Always ask... if they say acrylic... stay away from it. This is the same kind of paint you would use on wood, glass, and any other non living thing. Not your children. It's not meant for skin... it actually says so on the label. Here is a link to further information should you need it. http://www.snazaroo.us/faqacrylics.htm

Also every face painter has a style. Check out all the work they are displaying and find which one you would like to impress upon your event most. Sometimes it depends on how long they have been painting or who they've learned from... but style of painting makes a huge difference.

I would have a personal conversation with them if you haven't been given a review of them by someone you know. Most face painters I know love kids and love their jobs, are knowledgeable, professional, on time and patient with children. But there have been occasions I have met the opposite and I have felt badly for the family. This is a special event... you want someone who is a delight and a blessing to your event...especially around your children :)

          I want you and your child's event to be wonderful and whimsical and so I take ever       

                             precaution necessary to ensure both safety and fun!

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. How long have you been painting?

About 3 years now. Started very randomly for a side job... loved it and now have been blessed to be busy most weekends throughout the year. I love being a stay at home mom with two wonderful children and painting on the weekends for fun. I love to bless others with the gift that I feel God has given me as well as be blessed by helping our family out with my small business.

What is that stuff?
That is actually water activated make up... we just don't tell the boys its make up...cause they're silly :)
All the paint is FDA approved and tested extensively for safety. Acrylic is a no-no. Please never use it on your children.

Glitter... is that safe?

 Yes- this glitter is. Its especially made for this type of application. You would never want to put regular glitter anywhere near your child's face with fear of getting in their eyes. It is made of metal and can be as serious as causing blindness.

Q: Tips ?

I see tips as a an absolute blessing. I set my rates for "thrifty families on budgets" on purpose, we too fall into this smart category :).   I love to give a service that far exceeds peoples standards and I pride myself on my high quality work despite my low price.   So if you enjoy my work, your able to and want to- I highly appreciate the extra. :)

Q:  I see you paint Adult Parties too, where will you paint?

Along with faces, I paint on arms, shoulders,  torsos, backs, and legs... all appropriate areas for parties.  That being said unless for "artistic" publications only... and solely at my discretion.  I do not do nude or topless painting. 

Q:  Is there anything you won't paint?

 I don't paint gore, profanity, inappropriate symbols, anything that is lewd or demeaning ...etc...  and as always always at my discretion.  If this is asked for I will just kindly offer an alternative option.  I might even say as I have before...

"I love ya... but I wont paint that :), how bout something else... option A, option B, option C..etc"

*Feel free to email me with any other questions you might have.

Thank you :)
Proffessional FDA approved make up brands used by W.C. Face & Body Painting

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